The scientific environment that is proposed in Lyon is stimulating with the presence of several laboratories and research teams active in image and geometry processing:


LIRIS (Laboratoire d'InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d'information) was created in 2003 through the merging of several former laboratories involved in Communication and Information Technology research. LIRIS is affiliated to CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique) under the label UMR 5205.

The laboratory involves 280 people with 94 faculty members and researchers from INSA de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Université Lumière Lyon 2 and CNRS.

The laboratory is organized in two departments :

Image department : It has approximately 40 faculty members (12 professors, 28 associate professors) and 3 permanent researchers. The department incorporates five research teams. The research activities of the department cover a wide variety of methods for sensors (2D, 2D+t, 3D) data analysis, for a better understanding and for multidimensional data modeling. Hence, the research activities cover the areas of image analysis, modeling, simulation and rendering. Various data representation models are investigated, including regular grids of sensors, graphs, mesh, geometric models, procedural models, statistical or physical models. The hybridization of these models can yield to the enrichment of the representation space. The developed techniques rest on competencies of the research teams around image and signal processing, geometric modeling, algorithmic geometry, discrete geometry, topology, graphs, realistic rendering and augmented reality.

Data, Knowledge and Services (DCS) department : The DCS department is organized around five research teams involving 44 faculty members (11 professors, 33 associate professors). The research activities of the department cover a wide variety of theories, methods, and applications of information technology to the management of data, knowledge and services.


CREATIS-LRMN (CNRS UMR 5220, INSERM U630, Université CB Lyon 1, INSA Lyon) is a biomedical imaging research laboatory whose main areas of excellence and international influence are linked to two fundamental problems, namely:

CREATIS-LRMN meets these challenges through a multidisciplinary approach, based on a matrix organisation which stimulates interaction between eight research teams working in information and communication science and technology, engineering sciences and life sciences.


LIP (CNRS UMR 5668) is the Computer Science Lab of ENS Lyon. It gathers 45 permanent faculties and researchers from CNRS, with 40PhD students, and 36 temporary scientific people on various projects. Research is developped on several key topics of the discipline with the help of an administrative and technical staff of 5 engineers and 5 assisting people. LIP members are highly involved in teaching within the University of Lyon.

Through the years, the Lab has evolved with the creation of new research teams and he evolution of the research axes of existing teams. The laboratory is currently organized around six projects-teams, among which 4 are joint with INRIA.

Through algorithmic and software developments at every levels, an important strength of LIP research is to conciliate both fundamental aspects, and advances closer to technology evolutions. On the fundamental side this goes from complexity and models of computation, to semantics and formal proving, and to mathematical computation and a wide spectrum of algorithmic questions. On directions ahead for technology evolution and efficient use of computing means, the LIP is involved in computer arithmetic and computer algebra, grid and cloud computing, peer-to-peer systems, protocols and software for networks and internet of the future, embedded computing systems, FPGA computing and web technologies.

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